VR Video Games and Music Composition: an Interview with SkewSound

Steve Pardo, left, and Chris Wilson, right

“I often want the music to feel like it’s a part of the world or the game, as if the characters might have written it themselves, because I think that it adds a layer of depth to not only the story, but helps the world to breathe a little bit.” — Chris Wilson

The instruments of SkewSound

“Still the job of the soundtrack remains, so the composer makes compositional and orchestrational choices that neither distract nor undersell the moment at hand.” — Steve Pardo

“Your deck is your character, shaped by your experiences and relationships. Different decks will lead to different narrative paths as your cards impact your ability to communicate with various characters. Rather than building the most ‘powerful’ deck, you will have to make decisions about who you want to be in this world and how you relate to others.” — from the Signs of the Sojourner release
(Some of) the instruments of SkewSound
Some of Steve’s instruments / Steve in the background
SkewSound members Nicholas Kallman, left, and Dan Crislip, right, in the studio

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