Un-Cool Rap and the Aesthetics of Silence— an Interview with Pink Navel

Pink Navel (L) and their 2021 album “Pink Pound” (R)
From Pink Navel’s 2021 album Pink Pound

“When I’m working on a figure it’s completely silent. I’m just sanding or whittling away at a tiny spot on this toy I’ve designed. There’s no performance there. It’s just me, you know, tuning something.”

Ice King Pen figures, by Dev. In a limited run.

“I think that the stress on polish is a certain gate-keep to the industry. The way that I got into rap was that one person told me you can do this too. It’s actually pretty simple. And I would love, for as long as I’m doing this, to send that same message back out to people.”

“I think so many people get caught up in being an adult that they forget what it’s like to be a kid. And I think that art can be a way to allow yourself that brief respite from adulthood.”

Pink Navel live performance of EPIC poster



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Andrew Cheek

Andrew Cheek

Writer, runner, music enthusiast. Exploring connections between creativity + art, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship through a series of interviews.