Racial Bias, Chess, and Movie Editing: an Interview with Jamie Kirkpatrick on Critical Thinking

Jamie Kirkpatrick, photo by Ron Eidshaug

“When I’m editing, I always try envisioning the final movie and how it will play to an audience — one of an editor’s most important tools is their objectivity.”

Behind the Scenes of Critical Thinking. Photos by Jeff Daly (@jeffdalyphoto on IG)
John Leguizamo, second from left; BTS of Critical Thinking. Photo by Jeff Daly (@jeffdalyphoto on IG)
A deeper dive: Jamie answers some questions about the editing process. (Note, this video was created independently of this article courtesy of Impact24 PR.)

“Jamie brought not just a wide knowledge of cinema and film language but also a deeply human element to his work on Critical Thinking. He’s not afraid to make bold suggestions or to push me in a new direction. I always wanted the chess tournaments in the film to feel like sports matches and what he was able to create with those scenes is incredible! As a director, I want my collaborators to bring their A-game and Jamie did that every day.” — John Leguizamo

BTS. Photo by Jeff Daly (@jeffdalyphoto on IG)

“I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.”—Marcel Duchamp



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