An Interview with Cinematographer Diana Olifirova

Diana Olifirova

“It’s nice to make the rules that you can later also break and just diminish. That’s kind of the aim. Also, the show is about punk band and punk music so I think it’s like punk filmmaking, as well.”

Andrew: Could you describe some of the different looks of the show? I read how you based some of the choices in color and lighting and camera movements for scenes on specific characters.

“Whatever looks good is good. And if it feels right for the story, you don’t have to justify why the light is there or whatever else, so I try to really make image stand out and put as much focus as possible on the main point in each image.”

Andrew: Would you say you have a signature style or particular effect you seek to produce in your work? This could be more broadly beyond just this show, too.



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Andrew Cheek

Andrew Cheek

Writer, runner, music enthusiast. Exploring connections between creativity + art, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship through a series of interviews.