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In adaptation to the pandemic, this year’s annual comic book, science fiction, and film convention—WonderCon—has taken place online. Zoom panel discussions, film screenings, workshops, contests, in the last week of March into April.

WonderCon@Home recap on Youtube

As part of this ongoing dialogue of WonderCon@Home 2021, composer James Chapple of Voodoo Highway Music, sound designer Matt Lambourn of POW Studios, and executive producer George Salinas came together for a lively afternoon discussion with members of the press (myself included).

Below is a transcription of my questions for James, Matt, and George. Charismatic, they talk about working behind the scenes in…

The Crown is a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Spanning 40 episodes, the show is a sweeping exploration of intertwining lives and buried histories. Season 4, episode 7, “The Hereditary Principleportrays the emotional turmoil of Princess Margaret (played by Helena Bonham Carter) and her discovery of a family secret. Unique in the series, the episode stands alone as it shows the world through Princess Margaret’s eyes.

In our interview below, the episode’s editor Morten Højbjerg discusses the editing process, representing Princess Margaret in all her complexity, and the magic of acting. …

It’s hard to think of an industry not impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in the last year. Live concerts (in their traditional format) are essentially out the window, studio recordings pose constraints on time and collaboration, and creatives across disciplines are being forced to rethink how to both create and share their art with the world.

For the purposes of today’s conversation, we’ll be ‘sitting down’ with San Francisco based Pollen Music Group to discuss their adjustments to the pandemic and how they’ve made their studio, Decibelle Recording, a covid-safe facility for artists. …

“I see activism as a way of life, not a one-time event that allows us to feel good about ourselves for a day or two. It is the daily commitment to stay active and take continuous action wherever and whenever we can.” — Gil Talmi

Over the past year, American social consciousness has become increasingly attuned to systemic racism and human rights inequalities. In June, 2020, people gathered across the country in organized marches and protests of outcry over the murder of George Floyd. As Ibram X. …

Hunter Wild is a Twitch streamer, activist, and the co-founder of a streamer education program called Streamer Square. After working in game development, as a fine artist, and getting a degree in environmental philosophy, Hunter now brings these various disciplines together in streaming with especial emphasis on community.

Hunter Wild, image courtesy of Impact24 PR

As he mentions below, for all our connectivity and learning online, many of us are still filled with a strong sense of isolation and loneliness. (And the recent Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma explores this aptly, demonstrating how features like the infinite scroll on social media sites, and highly personalized algorithms, are…

A little untraditional today, I’d like to share a few reflections on the interplay between being and doing which, while an obvious enough point, seems especially important to explore during our ever-extending coronavirus quarantine.

In general, we view ourselves as individuals. Sure, within groups of friends, in communities, in a connection with our work, our families… but still, as individuals, which can feel a little cut off sometimes.

“The idea of being forgotten is terrifying. I fear not just that I, personally, will be forgotten, but that we are all doomed to being forgotten—that the sum of life is ultimately…

Giosuè Greco is an Italian film score composer and electronic musician based in Los Angeles, where he’s worked on a number of television series and films, such as the 2018 Academy Award-winning Period. End of Sentence. about women’s menstrual rights in India. He studied Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music, and is known for his multi-instrumental approach and experimentation using synthesizers. In our interview, we discuss his work as a composer and a bit about his personal approach to music.

“As a kid I was gifted with a walkman and a Mozart cassette which I would play…

Celia Jaspers is a long-time director, writer, producer, and editor working in television and film. She has worked on a variety of reality projects including The Amazing Race Asia, Real Escapes, Remarkable Vets, Country Calendar, and HGTV’s acclaimed series House Hunters International.

In our interview below, we discuss creative balance, style, and what it’s like filming on an international scale. She recently completed her short film Milk, which tells the story of a little girl (played by Jaspers’ daughter) buying milk for a stranger at a café when he can’t afford it. …

The history of kung fu spans centuries and includes countless depictions in popular culture in recent decades. From Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon to Jackie Chan’s more comedic Rush Hour films, to Jet Li’s work, and through video games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, this long tradition continues to evolve like a many-petaled flower from the Warring States period of Chinese history when martial arts first developed.

Today, we’ll be sitting down for an interview with the composers Zach Robinson and Leo Birenberg, the duo behind the soundtrack of the popular kung fu series Cobra Kai on Netflix. Cobra…

There are many moving pieces in the worlds and adventurous spaces of video games. Even the name used: video games: to designate a virtual space comes from a layered past of arcades, early computers, clunky headsets, and television consoles. In the last two decades these virtual worlds have taken on increasingly heightened dimensions and realities, as they enter the realms of VR, 360, and other augmented media types.

In today’s interview we’ll hear from two musicians and composers—Chris Wilson and Steve Pardo—working in video games & VR, members of the audio group SkewSound.


Writer, runner, music enthusiast. Exploring connections between creativity + art, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship through a series of interviews.

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